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Long Life Noodles

Serves 4

Long Life Noodles are an essential dish at Chinese New Year celebrations and other auspicious occasions. If you can’t find dried Yi Mein, other long Chinese noodles, or even linguine, can be substituted. Just remember not to cut the noodles – long noodle means long life! If you are not serving the noodles as part of a banquet, adding shrimp, chicken or ground pork in the last stage of cooking will make a more substantial dish.


  • Dried Yi Mein Noodles 1 x 12 oz package
  • Shiitake Mushrooms1 8 oz, sliced, stems discarded
  • Vegetable Oil 2 Tbs
  • Green Onions 8 oz, cut into 2” pieces, white and green parts separated
  • Sugar 1 tsp
  • Soy Sauce 2 Tbs
  • Oyster Sauce 4 Tbs
  • Toasted Sesame Oil 1 tsp
  • White Pepper 1 tsp

Cook It

  1. Cook the noodles in boiling water until al dente, about 4 to 5 minutes. Don’t overcook. Drain the noodles and set aside, reserving ¼ cup of the cooking water.
  2. In a measuring jug, whisk together the soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, pepper, sesame oil and the reserved cooking water.
  3. In a wok or large skillet, heat the vegetable oil until shimmering. Add the white parts of the scallions and stir fry until starting to soften. Add the shiitake mushrooms and stir fry until the mushrooms begin to brown. Add the noodles and sauce mixture and stir to combine. Add the green parts of the scallions and carefully toss the noodles until heated through.

1 If using dried shiitake mushrooms, you will need to rehydrate them. Place the shiitake mushrooms in a small bowl and cover with 1 cup of boiling water. Place a weight on top of the mushrooms to keep them submerged and soak for 15-20 minutes. (A French press works very well for this). Drain the mushrooms, remove the mushroom stems and discard. Slice the mushrooms thinly.


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