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Sweden’s third largest city boasts an ethnically diverse food scene as well as a lively entrepreneurial spirit blending a rock-and-roll sensibility with a respect for homespun traditions and ingredients.

malmo sunset
Photo by Ben Cremin

Place: Malmö
Month: December
16ºC, brisk, and alive with Nordic greenery
Elyse Glickman

A Place at the Table

Under the direction of internationally acclaimed chef Marcus Samuelsson, Kitchen & Table uses the building blocks of homespun Swedish comfort food to create an imaginative and ever-changing selection of appetizers, main courses and desserts. A Technicolor sunset (at 10:30 pm) set the stage for cocktails at the adjoining Sky Bar, followed by salmon roe with a shot of Absolut Elyx, a deconstructed potato salad with lemon mayo and baby greens, and a heavenly roasted chicken adorned with truffles, cabbage and mustard, capturing the spirit of a late summer night in Sweden.


Salluhal PizzaHall of Fame

Bike paths wind through the Malmö’s tranquil neighbourhoods past a fascinating array of modern architectural marvels. As you’ll want to dedicate a day to exploring the city by bike, look to Malmö Saluhall as the perfect place to stop for a quick bite or purchase picnic companions for the road. Highlights include pizzas-ofthe-day and fresh bread at the warm and aromatic Hedvigsdal,  substantial sandwiches at the aptly named Falafel & Burgers, and sublime and silky ice cream and sorbet from Favvo, which means “favourite” in English. Only-in-Sweden flavour combinations, such as rhubarb-blueberry, are out of this world.

Facing Change

Malmö’s transformation from factory town to one of the world’s most ethnically diverse cities can be witnessed firsthand at Möllevångstorget market square, whose vendors proffer a variety of Swedish and international ingredients as well as fresh produce. A few blocks away, at the foot of Sodergatan Street (the city’s main shopping thoroughfare), new arrivals to Sweden (including Syrian refugees) are doing their bit to expand the palates of the population.
214 24 Malmö ; 211 34 Malmö

BastardHow Swede It Is!

As Swedes are known for their sense of humour, should it be surprising that two of the most popular high-end bistros among the young and trendy are SMAK and Bastard? Both blend local ingredients with international seasonings and techniques as well as offer showstopping cocktails. Should you find yourself homesick for the all-American burger, cruise down to Surf Shack for
perfectly cooked sandwiches (made from superior beef or veggie patties) and an amusing riff the California-style fast food shack.