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Ball of Yarn

Serves 4

© by Christian Lalonde


Crème Fraiche

  • Heavy (35%) Cream 125 g
  • Buttermilk 25 g
  • Plain Yogurt 25 g

Ball of Yarn

  • Yukon Gold Potato 1 large, peeled and rinsed
  • Canola Oil 1 kg, for deep-frying
  • Salt

Cook It


Crème Fraiche

  1. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. Cover and set aside at room temperature for 12 hours.

Ball of Yarn

  1. Line a strainer with linen towels and rest it over a large bowl. Pour mixture into the lined strainer. Place another linen towel on top, then place a heavy item such as a pot of water over top, to press the yogurt. Store in an airtight container for up to 1 week.
  2. Using a turner slicer, slice potato to create long ribbons. Starting with one strand, wind the long potato strand around itself, alternating directions, until it’s the size of a golf ball. Repeat to make 3 more balls.
  3. In a deep fryer or deep saucepan, heat oil to 135°C (275°F). Using heatproof kitchen tweezers, carefully lower a potato ball into the oil and deep-fry for 1 minute or until golden and crispy. Transfer potato to a plate lined with paper towels to drain and immediately season lightly with salt. Repeat with remaining balls.
  4. Line a dehydrator with paper towels, add potato balls, and dry at 60°C (140°F) for 2 hours.


  • Crème Fraîche (see above) 8 g
  • Fresh Chives finely chopped, 3 pinches
  • Caviar 50 g (we prefer Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar)
  1. Lay a potato ball, the flattest side down, on each of 4 small plates. Dot the top of each potato ball with crème fraîche and sprinkle with chives. Top with caviar and serve.

Recipe adapted for style, reproduced with permission from the publisher, from Atelier by Marc Lepine/Figure 1.