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Chilled Tofu with Egg Yolk, Chilli Oil and Spring Onion

Serves 2

© by Laura Edwards



Hiyayakko – a simple assemblage of chilled silken tofu with soy sauce, spring onions, katsuobushi and ginger – is one of my all-time favourite things to eat on a hot day. Variations on this dish abound, and at izakaya it’s common to find hiyayakko with a spicy twist, laced with a generous amount of chilli oil – any kind will do, but I like the kinds with bits you can eat in it.

For me, this is what izakaya cooking is all about: food that’s huge on flavour but also simple and balanced.


  • Chilli Oil 1 Tbs
  • Soy Sauce 1 Tbs
  • Mirin ½ Tbs
  • Vinegar ½ tsp
  • Egg Yolk 1
  • Firm Silken Tofu 12 oz block
  • Spring Onion 1, finely sliced

Cook It

  1. Combine the chilli oil, soy sauce, mirin and vinegar in a very small dish or container, then carefully lower the yolk into the liquid. Leave it to sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes, which will cure the yolk slightly and make it richer.
  2. Remove the tofu from the package and drain it well, blotting it dry with paper towels. Transfer to a plate and scoop a little egg yolk-shaped hollow out of the centre. Spoon the yolk into the hollow, then pour the liquid all over the tofu.
  3. Top with the spring onion.
Excerpted from Your Home Izakaya: Fun and Simple Recipes Inspired by the Drinking-and-Dining Dens of Japan by Tim Anderson © 2021 Reproduced by permission of Hardie Grant. All rights reserved.