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Chocolate Clam and Mango Ceviche

Serves 1 as an appetizer

Chocolate clams, named for the colour of their shell, not their taste, are found throughout the Gulf of California and are a treat not to be missed when visiting Cabo. ROCA bar’s chocolate clam ceviche, served in the shell, is simply superb. While chocolate clams have a unique flavour and texture, any large clams can be substituted in this recipe.



  • Chocolate Clams 2, cleaned and chopped
  • Fresh Lemon Juice 5 ml
  • Tabasco Sauce 3 ml
  • Maggi Sauce 3 ml
  • Worcestershire Sauce 3 ml
  • Ponzu Sauce 5 ml
  • Red Onion 5 g, finely chopped
  • Fresh Cilantro 5 g, finely chopped
  • Mango 30 g, diced

To Serve

  • Coarse Salt or Crushed Ice 200 g
  • Clam Shells 2 halves, cleaned
  • Cilantro Sprouts
  • Watermelon Radish 5 g, in thin slices
  • Fresh Serrano Chile 10 g, in thin slices
  • Tortilla Chips or Tostadas


Cook It

  1. Mix all the ingredients of the ceviche and adjust the salt and spiciness to taste.
  2. Divide the preparation in two, filling both halves of the shells.
  3. Place the shells in a deep plate nestled in a bed of coarse salt or crushed ice.
  4. Garnish with cilantro sprouts, watermelon radish and serrano chile and serve with tortilla chips or tostadas.